Linde Werdelin replica watches used grade 5 titanium for their SpidoLite Titanium model. Grade 5 titanium is often being used  by other brands as well, as it will have an almost steel-like color when polished. The Grade 2 titanium has a darker color and will also become even darker over time. As you can see however, the case of the Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Titanium has a combination of satin, polished and microbille finishing.

The color is very light for titanium, as written above, almost steel-like. Only the weight will immediately give it away. According to Linde Werdelin, the process of finishing Grade 5 titanium replica watches include a few issues, as the corners of the case get rounded easily and that the color of the material turns to orange when the friction generates too much heat. It is all about the right amount of pressure that needs to be used, which requires a very skilled craftsman with lots of experience.

The Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Gold replica watches have the same skeletonized case model as its titanium brother, but weighs a bit more of course. I guess the gold version is for those who like the concept of the new SpidoLite model but are not in need of a very light-weight watch. With all the skeleton work done, the trick (or challenge) is not having to compromise on the strength of replica watches cases.