Limited Edition Watch Series:Patek Philippe World Time Moon Ref. 5575 Replica

Another Patek Philippe limited edition replica watch presented yesterday to commemorate the manufacture's 175th anniversary, the World Time Moon Ref. 5575 combines the traditional world's 24 time zones with a highly realistic and large format moon-phase display at the centre of the dial.

This is a relevant variation because traditionally Patek Philippe world time replica watches features a guilloché centre or a cloisonné enamel decoration. This is for sure the most realistic and prominent representation of the moon in a Patek Philippe timepiece.

Introducing The Patek Philippe World Times 40mm Replica Watch

Along with the decoration, the 18K gold dial features day/night indicator for 24 time zones with Arabic numerals. This new Launched exquisite timepiece focuses on world time and the cloisonné enamel decoration at the center of the dial accentuates just that. The Best Replica Watch is worn on a brown, hand-stitched alligator leather strap. Behind the lovely exterior lies the powerful automatic 21 Jewel mechanism . Encapsulating it beautifully, the 40mm rose gold case features a beautiful clear diamond bezel .

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