I bought my Breitling SuperOcean Heritage Chronograph Replica (SOHC) “Green” Edition on a bit of a whim. I had a Breitling mens replica to trade and simply went in to my local ADs to see what I could trade for. The SOHC immediately jumped out at me. I knew this was a rare opportunity to own something truly special.

I have always admired the SOH models ever since the announcement of the re-introduction back in 2007. I wanted the three handed version straight away and thought the mesh bracelet was gorgeous. Unfortunately, I was not in a position to scratch this horological itch at the time.

For those that are not aware the “Heritage” part of the title refers to the fact that the SuperOcean was originally released in the 1960s. An example of the original chronograph version can be seen below (courtesy of BreitlingSource.com):

This was Breitling’s answer to the need for a high level water resistant replica for the quickly growing recreational diver’s market. The original SuperOcean was water resistant to 660 feet, which was very impressive for it’s day.

The new model carries over a lot of the virtues and design features of the original whilst bringing it up to date. This is why I love this type of re-release popular amongst replica brands at present.

You can wallow in the nostalgic design of the original with up to date components and manufacturing. There are simple aesthetic touches that hint to it’s 40 year old ancestry. The gold applied B is a very nice touch. Plus the font used for “BREITLING” on the dial is an exact copy of the original. The attention to detail throughout is truly superb.

The picture on the left also highlights the applied markers. These are meticulously finished, as you would expect from Breitling, but personally I would have preferred them to be styled like the originals.

The hands of the new SOHC are a nice homage to the originals and are now perfectly polished to give a brilliant contrast against the matt black dial. In fact, I have read that some regard this dial as too busy.

This is a subjective opinion but what cannot be denied is that the SOHC conveys a lot of information which is very easy to read.
superocean detail 2
Again, my only criticism is that I would have preferred the two segment arrow head design of the original hour hand. The red tip of the chronograph hands is the only dash of colour on this otherwise monochromatic dial: